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Underground Infrastructure: Connecting The Property Developments Brisbane Creates


As a result of its growing list of property developments Brisbane for decades was facing an ever-present challenge, and as its population continued to increase, this challenge continued to grow more prevalent.

Traffic And Congestion

Brisbane was growing and with its increasing population ultimately the number of cars on the road multiplied greatly. Trips to and through the city were only possible if planned hours in advance.

During the continuous crusade against heavy road congestion, it seemed one of the key approaches was to look underground. Major tunnels, the likes of which had never been seen in (or under) Brisbane, were constructed to alleviate the growing number of vehicles that were coming to a standstill above ground.

Billions of dollars have gone into Brisbane’s tunnel systems and now tens of thousands of vehicles use them every day. The tunnel routes have steadily become a more relied-upon network of roads that provide direct…

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