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Happy 75th Birthday Story Bridge

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Australia to restrict property tax evaders




Australia may restrict a property tax scheme to only its citizens after it was revealed on Monday that foreign investors dodged close to 60 million U.S. dollars in tax in 2013, according to an article in the Shanghai Daily.

According to the article, Australian Tax Office data showed almost half of the country’s 52,670 foreign investors that declared rental income in 2012-13, the latest figures available, claimed a loss, mostly through negative gearing, News Corp reported on Monday.

Negative gearing allows landlords to offset the cost of their investment property, such as maintenance, agent fees and interest on mortgages, against the income received from rent.

It has been blamed for handing the advantage to higher-income earners and pricing lower-income earners out of the property markets in Sydney and Melbourne, where house prices are sky- rocketing.

The government, fearing voter backlash from the 1.27 million Australians using the system, has been…

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A tax for our housing bubble trouble

KOHLER: Amid an overheated housing market, a 19th-century economist’s dream of a land tax is making a comeback.


A tax for our housing bubble trouble

“Almost 120 years after his death, Henry George may finally be coming into his own.
In the 19th century he was an economic rockstar. His book Progress and Poverty caused a sensation, proposing a single tax on land to replace all other taxes, and he picked up near devotion from geniuses like Albert Einstein, Leo Tolstoy and, in Australia, Walter Burley Griffin, among many others.
Essentially George led a revolt against rich landlords and property speculators, but he wasn’t a socialist. In fact he locked horns with Karl Marx, predicting, correctly, that if Marx’s ideas were tried they would result in dictatorship. Apparently the game of Monopoly was even invented in 1890 by a disciple of Henry George to demonstrate the evils of “land-grabbing” and property speculation. (It didn’t work: it turns out everyone loves being a ruthless landlord.)
Land tax and the…

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Delusions of Competence


A few years ago, I started doing Argentine Tango. While learning this highly complex dance, I found dances frustrating and unfulfilling. Until I met Joe. My dances with Joe were delightful! Each time I left his embrace feeling like the most elegant, talented dancer in the room. I thought “Wow – tango is easier than I thought!”.

My dances with Joe, a professional tango dancer, were amazing because of his skill level – not mine. A skilled dancer compensates for everything the unskilled person does wrong. When I dance with Joe, if I am off time, he gets me on time. On the wrong foot? Joe fixes that too. If my frame or connection is weak, or my musicality is off, Joe has to compensate for all that. Meanwhile, I am blissfully unaware and having a fantastic time – relishing in my delusions of competence. But Joe is having to work extra hard to make this dance tolerable / enjoyable…

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