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Brisbane HTW April 2017 Report


Brisbane is a very easy market to understand from a big picture perspective. If you were to adopt just one rule about what will be the most likely hotspots in our town, it’s that the closer you are to the CBD, the more likely buyers will have desires to own a piece of your dirt. We are seeing a lot of activity for our abodes close to town – particularly anything of quality. It seems if the property is detached and located in near city addresses such as New Farm, Teneriffe, Camp Hill and West End or similar, there are plenty of suitors ready to front up the dollars. It’s the old driver of short supply. These suburbs only have a limited amount of housing and there’s no denying we are a reasonably affordably capital city for investment – particularly compared to Sydney and Melbourne. And it’s not just the…

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Thank You Chris for the #Vendor #Review


Thank You Chris for the #Vendor #Review #Collingwood Park #property #Manager

Overall Satisfaction  #FIVE #STARS

Great Agent

Vendor Review – Recommended by ChrisTennant

02 April 2017
The team at LJ Gilland Real Estate far exceeded my expectation. I would highly recommend using their services. They negotiated a great price for me and was able to get a win-win situation for both myself and the buyer. Thanks again!!

Overall Satisfaction

A Happy Investor

Buyer Review – Recommended by LinhTran3794

07 February 2017

I would give LJ Gilland Real Estate 10/10. These guys were great for me. They were extremely helpful and went out of their way to assist me. Great customer service. Thank you very much!

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