Innovative construction methods to deliver projects ahead of schedule, and within budget.


Chris shares his top three ways developers can save money on multi-level projects.chris-beale-inertia-engineering-low-res

1. Early Consideration Of Basement Construction

Basements can be the one of the main sources of unnecessary spending for developers, particularly for multi-residential and retail developments. Small issues or changes lead to either increased excavation costs or design costs going through the roof.

We often see basements being over-utilised or under-utilised. They’re either designed right to the boundary without allowing enough space for the structure to be built, or the space isn’t maximised, forcing developers to add a second basement.

Early engagement of a structural engineer, particularly before Development Approval submission can save time and money, particularly on multi-residential and retail developments.

If you can reduce the number of required basement levels on a development, on average you can save $500k per level.

The key is to effectively plan space early in the design process, and ensure…

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