What does it mean by ‘returns of over $163,000 per year’? Is this rental yield or capital appreciation?


“The $163,000 per year is rental return only and they divide that $163,000 by 9 units that would equal the rent that is available from each unit of x divided by 52 weeks a year that much for a week which is your 350 or 3 55 week capital appreciation anticipated for the next 3 years in Brisbane would be 10% per annum

Capital appreciation could exceed $300,000 per year based on current trends of potential 10% growth per year in Brisbane over the next 3 years that is on top of the rental return of 163000 per year plus any increases with the marketplace growth”.  Brisbane – Suburbs with 5%Plus Yield

September Property Snapshot Infographic


While the headline rate of growth remains positive across most cities, the majority of capital cities have seen their growth trend moderate compared with a year ago. The only capital city markets where…

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