Brisbane North Real Estate Massive Opportunities for Property Investors!

The inner-northern suburbs of Brisbane have been identified as a potential investor hotspot, with prospects for both rental returns and capital growth.

Areas such as Albion, Windsor, Wilston, Newmarket and Grange are recording amongst the best performances in Brisbane’s housing market, which is now moving solidly through a recovery mode.

Suburbs within a 10-kilometre radius of the city center, particularly in the “inner-north wealth belt” would continue to offer the best potential for landlords.

There is a great deal of optimism for these areas that offer excellent proximity to the CBD, good transport and very fashionable levels of residential infrastructure.

Albion and surrounding suburbs are bringing renewed energy into the Brisbane market due to their prestige, convenience, village ambience, great lifestyle and excellent facilities.

Brisbane City Council’s recent focus on improving the Albion region and its surrounds under a new urban renewal program would further add to the area’s appeal.

The council is working closely with the local community and property owners to create a plan that provides a greater and more diverse range of employment, residential uses, entertainment, recreation opportunities and services.

ImageBrisbane North


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