I’m sick of sideshows … bring on the main event! – The Experts | Switzer

Subject: I’m sick of sideshows … bring on the main event! – The Experts | Switzer


1334292961.png Linda J. Debello Licensee, LJ Gilland Real Estate Pty Ltd

Tel: (07) 3263 6085 | Mobile: 0409 995 578


Contact me: Skypeljgilland

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WordPress My latest post:Lowball offers for property not uncommon in current soft market and hard for vendors to swallow by Oliver Stier

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Did you know? Did You Know? Did you know that the Drayton Island Ferry was limited to a capacity of six people after reports were received of its operator carrying 40 passengers on board? ShareTweet
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Linda-Jane Debello
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At the #DNC2012 , @MichelleObama ‘s speech peaked at 28,003 TPM. Read more in our blog post: blog.twitter.com/2012/09/…
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We remember the first man on the moon: blog.twitter.com/2012/08/… Our video tribute: youtu.be/1XjF7WHWehg
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It’s the end of the road in Tampa. @MittRomney ‘s speech had the biggest Twitter spikes of the #GOP2012 convention. blog.twitter.com/2012/08/…
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